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ZPD level 7.2

In this book, Lord Voldemort has returned and there is dementor attack on Harry and his cousin. Harry makes a secret club to learn about the defence against the dark arts and a new teacher has come in trying to take over Dumbledore’s job, called Professor Umbridge. Will she succeed?

The Outlaw Varjak Paw: Otavio Varela (Oak Class)


The Outlaw VARJAK PAW BY SF Said

Varjak Paw

The outlaw varjak paw is a book where an amazing, powerful cat has lots of adventures around a city with his two friends. One day, he has to face up face to face with his fiercest enemy… until he finds her only and only weakness.

My favourite part about this book is when Varjak Paw finds Sally Bones’ only weakness which is that all her power is gone while she is in daylight and easily beats her. I suggest people who like adventurous, dangerous and amazing stories to read this book because most of the time it’s just dangerous adventures going in Varjak’s life.

My rating is 9.5/10 because I love the story but some things don’t really match up together during the story.

ATOS level – 4.0

Otavio – Oak Class

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott (Set of 6 Books).



The legend goes that Nicholas Flamer, a real life person and his wife Perenelle Flamel never died and gained immortality by making the elixir of life using the Book of Abraham. The Book of Abraham is the most powerful book that has ever existed and in wrong hands, it will destroy the world. This is Dr Dee’s plan once he manages to get his hands on the book. But the prophecy of the twins is true- One to save the world and the other to destroy it. What will happen? Will the twins turn against each other? Will the world come to an end?


The best thing about the book is that Scott leaves you on a cliffhanger at the end of each book. I love how he uses red herrings which makes predictions almost impossible. I was told by one of my students, Mahek that I can never guess what happens at the end. So true! I finished the book and thought, “I could have never guessed that in a million years”. I adore Scott’s clever use of real life people from the past in the book, proposing that they never died, infact became immortal by one means or the other. It is almost thrilling to read about Shakespeare, Joan of Arc and many other people from the past in this modern day fantasy story. Brilliant! Brilliant!


Anyone who enjoys fantasy and magical stories will like this book. Fans of Harry Potter, Hobbit and Lord- This books is for you. Grab it now!


My Rating: 10 ouf of 10. You can’t beat that!


ATOS: 6.4


Mrs Dev, Oak Class Teacher

Wonder by RJ Palacio


“My name is August.
I won’t describe what I look like.
Whatever you’re thinking,
It’s probably worse.”

A ten year old boy, August Pullman….Well, let’s just say his face is not ‘normal’. He arrives at his new school and goes from not-so-popular to VERY popular and everyone loves him..Everyone except Julian. Julian used to be popular but now he’s not just because of August (That’s what he thinks) and he now wants to take revenge. (How?) Julian wants everyone to hate August. Will his plan work?
My favorite part of this book is that whenever the chapter changes it carries on the story in a different person’s point of view.
I would recommend this book to 9 – 11 year olds (year 4 – year 6 )
My opinion of rating is 10/10 because it is very inspiring and interesting!
ATOS 4.8

Riyah, Oak class

Captain Underpants And The Sensational Saga Of Sir Stinks-A-Lot by Dav Pilker


captain underpants

This book is the most hilarious and funny book in the world.
This book is about 4 boys whose names are George Beard and Harold Hutchins and George Beard and Harold Hutchins. It does seem weird but they have travelled in time to yesterday and brought yesterday’s selves back.

I rate this 10/10

My favourite bit was that when Mr Meaner turns everyone into obedient children.

ZPD 4.9.

Review by Piraveen

Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain


tom sawyer

Main characters: Tom, Huckleberry Finn, Becky Thatcher and Injun Joe

Plot: Tom is always playing hooky and is always being caught by Aunt Polly. Also, his brother Sid is always telling tales. Then one day Tom is told to whitewash the fence and he doesn’t want to do it. So he tricks his friends into doing it.Then Tom and his 2 friends (Huckleberry Finn and Joe Harper) go on a mysterious trip by themselves to an island far far away…

The thing I liked best were the different adventures and how they are described.
What will happen?
Will they survive or come back straight away?


Rating:9/10 For an adventurous person

Review by Rekha

Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick



This exciting story is about surviving in a devastated future world. Zoe has lost her parents – will she find them again? The best thing about the book is when Zoe escapes from the cathedral
with Munchkin, her cat. This book is for anyone who loves adventures.

ZPD 3.7

Rating 10/10

Review by Hanzala

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by L. Pichon


This book is for people who like non-fiction books. I would recommend it for people who are 9-11 years old.

In this book, Tom has to face lots of problems like his sister, Delia who is very rude and thinks Tom is very annoying. His teacher says that he has a lack of focus but right now he is very focused on which biscuit he should have first… tom gates

The ATOS level (ZPD) is 4.0

Review by Anit

Millionaire Readers’ Top Tips


Write a Book Review Here!


world book day 2016

Dear Springwell,

I hope you like the XtremeReading book blog. We started the site a few years ago and it is time for a relaunch! The aim is to have our very own place online where you can find out what to read next, which authors rock, which books dazzle (or flop), and which are the best books in your ZPD range (the number on each book is called the ATOS level eg 4.2).

To make this really work, we need you to post short, informative book reviews.

So, when you have read a book that is worth mentioning to others either because it is so good or so bad, write a review of it on your Google Docs account (your teacher has your log in details).  Make sure you follow the format below so that your review contains all the essential information. Use the ‘Share’ option to share it with Mr Hughes ( Your review will then be read, edited if necessary, and posted on the blog. You should also ask your teacher to post it on your class blog.

Please make sure all the following are included:

– The book title and author’s name eg Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl – don’t forget capital letters and spellings!

– A summary of the plot without spoiling it! Or, if it’s non-fiction, a summary of what it’s about

– The best thing about the book

– Who would probably like it

– A rating out of 10

– Your first name and class eg Abdi, Ash class

– Attach an image of the book cover (find the image on Amazon or another book site

-Check spellings and punctation before sharing!


The more posts, the more useful the site will be – let’s make it happen!

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