The Outlaw VARJAK PAW BY SF Said

Varjak Paw

The outlaw varjak paw is a book where an amazing, powerful cat has lots of adventures around a city with his two friends. One day, he has to face up face to face with his fiercest enemy… until he finds her only and only weakness.

My favourite part about this book is when Varjak Paw finds Sally Bones’ only weakness which is that all her power is gone while she is in daylight and easily beats her. I suggest people who like adventurous, dangerous and amazing stories to read this book because most of the time it’s just dangerous adventures going in Varjak’s life.

My rating is 9.5/10 because I love the story but some things don’t really match up together during the story.

ATOS level – 4.0

Otavio – Oak Class