The legend goes that Nicholas Flamer, a real life person and his wife Perenelle Flamel never died and gained immortality by making the elixir of life using the Book of Abraham. The Book of Abraham is the most powerful book that has ever existed and in wrong hands, it will destroy the world. This is Dr Dee’s plan once he manages to get his hands on the book. But the prophecy of the twins is true- One to save the world and the other to destroy it. What will happen? Will the twins turn against each other? Will the world come to an end?


The best thing about the book is that Scott leaves you on a cliffhanger at the end of each book. I love how he uses red herrings which makes predictions almost impossible. I was told by one of my students, Mahek that I can never guess what happens at the end. So true! I finished the book and thought, “I could have never guessed that in a million years”. I adore Scott’s clever use of real life people from the past in the book, proposing that they never died, infact became immortal by one means or the other. It is almost thrilling to read about Shakespeare, Joan of Arc and many other people from the past in this modern day fantasy story. Brilliant! Brilliant!


Anyone who enjoys fantasy and magical stories will like this book. Fans of Harry Potter, Hobbit and Lord- This books is for you. Grab it now!


My Rating: 10 ouf of 10. You can’t beat that!


ATOS: 6.4


Mrs Dev, Oak Class Teacher