world book day 2016

Dear Springwell,

I hope you like the XtremeReading book blog. We started the site a few years ago and it is time for a relaunch! The aim is to have our very own place online where you can find out what to read next, which authors rock, which books dazzle (or flop), and which are the best books in your ZPD range (the number on each book is called the ATOS level eg 4.2).

To make this really work, we need you to post short, informative book reviews.

So, when you have read a book that is worth mentioning to others either because it is so good or so bad, write a review of it on your Google Docs account (your teacher has your log in details).  Make sure you follow the format below so that your review contains all the essential information. Use the ‘Share’ option to share it with Mr Hughes ( Your review will then be read, edited if necessary, and posted on the blog. You should also ask your teacher to post it on your class blog.

Please make sure all the following are included:

– The book title and author’s name eg Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl – don’t forget capital letters and spellings!

– A summary of the plot without spoiling it! Or, if it’s non-fiction, a summary of what it’s about

– The best thing about the book

– Who would probably like it

– A rating out of 10

– Your first name and class eg Abdi, Ash class

– Attach an image of the book cover (find the image on Amazon or another book site

-Check spellings and punctation before sharing!


The more posts, the more useful the site will be – let’s make it happen!

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